We are a small software consultancy that help clients improve their business by using modern software technologies. We also help modernizing current business critical systems that have become hard and expensive to maintain - while remaining pragmatic in our approach.

...see you monday maybe?

We can help with...

Our core areas of service

Software development

We are experts in understanding your business and converting that into value adding software in production.

Integration and APIs

We offer assistance with integrating systems and we do a case by case inspection to find the most appropriate solution.


We also offer assistance with architecture on various levels of detail, whether it be internal application architecture or distributed system architecture.

Agile Process

We can facilitate an agile process so your team gets the optimal conditions for delivering value.

Passionate and professional

We love software development!

With extensive experience in building software solutions we currently offer:

  • Custom .NET and .NET Core development
  • ASP.NET Core web applications and/or web APIs
  • Node.js web applications and/or web APIs
  • Frontend, backend, full stack
  • Technical team lead
  • Test-Driven Development where possible
  • On-Site or remote development


Package it up and ship!

Docker and Kubernetes are all the rage these days and we’ve got you covered! From the very basics of getting your feet wet with containers and all the way to running a Kubernetes cluster in production, we can assist you in developing containerized and modern cloud native applications. We are very excited about these technologies! So let’s kubectl apply your manifests together and make great things happen!

The future is here...and...

It's getting cloudy

The clouds are not gray and borring - they are exciting and fun!

Todays projects are often utilizing the power of public clouds. We have many years of experience working with client projects on two of the biggest public clouds out there - Microsoft Azure and AWS.

We can help you if your are just getting started with your journey, or if you are already deeply invested in the cloud.

Get in touch

Use the contact form below or send us an e-mail at hello@mondayworks.io. We would love to hear from you!


Monday Works is a small company that offers advisory- and consulting services around sowftare development. Services are offered either remote (through online communication tools) or on-site together with clients (primarily in Denmark).

The company was founded in 2018 by veteran software engineer Jens Andresen after more than a decade of constantly chasing a better solution to the problem at hand.

The culture is modern and agile with a heavy focus on craftsmanship and with a profound respect for the old and often forgotten software engineering practices.

Monday Works ApS
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E-Mail: hello@mondayworks.io
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